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Social Communities to Help You Stop Drinking

Perhaps you are curious about drinking less or want to stop drinking completely. It can be interesting to hear, read about, and interact with people who no longer drink. It may prove a worthwhile and inspiring journey. Maybe you have stopped drinking and would like to meet others who no longer drink. Or perhaps you are ready to pay it forward and would like to be a resource and support for others who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol. In our digital age there are countless groups where you can do any of these things. We've had a look at 7 online social communities to help stop drinking - explore a few and you will find your niche.

Social Communities to Help You Stop Drinking

Living Sober
Living Sober is an exceptionally positive and encouraging community with close to 3,000 members. I signed up and was instantly welcomed by the group. They took real interest in me and it was clear that it was a safe and positive place to be. You can be anonymous or not and they have the ability to post blog posts, join groups, post photos and message other members directly. Living Sober was founded by Mrs. D - author of Mrs. D Is Going Without who is still actively involved and blogging weekly.

Soberista is a paid site that allows 50 free page views before charging you for membership. You can opt for a 3 month membership at £11.97/$18.47 or a 12 month membership at £33.97/$52.42. This is truly an all encompassing site including blogs, articles, advice from doctors and so much more. I liked the diversity of its members - it seemed like everyone could find someone they can relate to - young, old, new to addiction recovery or a seasoned pro. It is a site focused 100% on women and 100% on sobriety (meaning they do not believe in moderation). Lucy Rocca is an inspirational author the founder of Soberistas. She launched the website in November 2012 after closing the door on a 20-year-long stint of binge drinking.

Sober Recovery
Sober Recovery is a free online forum covering a multitude of addictions. A nice feature is that there are boards for 12 Step Programs along with options for those choosing other methods to stop drinking. The board is welcoming and friendly. You don't need to worry about saying the wrong thing. I immediately felt at ease and supported upon joining. Those new to recovery will especially appreciate the Newcomers to Recovery and Newcomers Daily Support boards. is an extremely active and uplifting community. Who would have thought of having a forum to recommend art, music and entertainment that can help stop drinking? did. Membership is free and I felt like this community really does a great job at addressing all aspects that can factor into an alcohol free lifestyle - health, fitness, emotional support and lifestyle changes. It's great to know that there were discussion topics for all those areas.

Hazelden/Betty Ford Social Community
The Hazelden Social Community is a free group based upon the outstanding Hazelden Recovery Center that originated in Minnesota. They are based upon the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) principles and do follow a 12 Step Program. You can attend support group meetings online which is great. Online meetings allow you to feel an immediate connection with the other members. Hazelden and Betty Ford have such a deep history along with an outstanding record of helping people overcome addictions that it seems only fitting that their online community is equally exceptional.

Hello Sunday Morning
Hello Sunday Morning is a unique social community. Operating as both an iPhone app and a community - I'd almost liken it to Facebook for sobriety. Fellow members post blogs, photos and words of encouragement as a means of supporting each other to take a break from alcohol. One of my favorite features is the Instagram campaign where you can share your hangover free Sunday morning using hashtag - #hellosundaymorning. Chris Raine - Founder & CEO - says "It's easy to get swept up in a drinking culture. Every now and then we need a rope to pull us back to dry land. Hello Sunday Morning is that rope." This is a truly non-judgmental community, no matter if you want to moderate, simply stop drinking alone or attempt an alcohol free life you are welcome at HSM.

In The Rooms
In the Rooms is a free resource covering a comprehensive spread of addiction recovery topics - alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders and more. The site has affiliations with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous, AlAnon and multiple other groups. If you have friends or family looking for ways to support you in addiction recovery they also have forums for that. I liked having the opportunity to make new friends who have also stopped drinking, connect within groups who are immediately warm, welcoming and supportive and also being provided with a listing of meetings in my area should I need that personal connection and accountability. It is the largest online social community but if you should know that this community is based on the 12 steps so if you are not a fan of the 12 steps this community might not be right for you.

The Naked Mind Community
This is our brand new community from The Naked Mind. We have less than 30 members as of today but are growing. Our mission is to discuss the role of alcohol in our lives openly, honestly and without judgement. No matter where you are on your journey; if you love to drink but are 'sober-curious', if you are moderating and loving (or hating) it or if you no longer drink you are welcome in our community. It is a friendly, safe, honest and best of all - fun place to talk about your hopes, inspirations, fears, regrets; anything that comes to mind.
Annie Grace is the author and founder of This Naked Mind.

Annie no longer drinks and has never been happier. Contact her at or join the community and interact with her there.

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